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Puppy Ride!

The words “puppy ride” make up my pack’s favorite phrase. Oliver starts jumping up and down, Buckley races towards the garage, Daisy squeals, and Lily throws her front paws into the air. Do your dogs enjoy car rides?

A fun way to drive is having your dog in the passenger seat, sticking his head out of the window. It’s also super cute when your little pup rides in your lap or when your lab is behind you and sticks his head on your shoulder. Wait…scratch all of that.

All of the above are dangerous for you and your dog. A dog in your lap or moving around the car can distract you or make it difficult for you to see. Although dogs love smelling the air and letting their ears flap in the wind, all sorts of debris can get in their eyes, leading you to a huge vet bill. If that is not bad enough, think about what happens to a person who isn’t safely buckled and a car accident occurs. It’s scary to think what could happen to you beloved pet.

Here are some easy and safe ways to keep your pet safe and still enjoy a puppy ride:

1. Seat belts: Yes, they have them for dogs, and they work great. Buckle them in the back seat, and they can still watch through the closed window.

2. A raised booster seat with seat belt: For smaller dogs

3. Barriers: There are two types that work great. Hammocks protect your seats and keep them from jumping into the front seat. Wire barriers work great for SUVs and keep your dogs in the back.

4.Crates: Just like for house training, the crate should be big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down.

Happy travels!


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